Personal information about
 Berndt Holmström


    born in the beginning of the 50´s in Karis, / Svartå, southwest
        of Finland

    my father was a headmaster at school and my mother
        a nurse, now both are retired

   after going through my fathers school I went to
       highschool at Virkby

    after highscool I went to the capital Helsinki to study
        law - and became a lawyer in 1979

    I was strongly involved in university-politics in the
       Youth party of SFP (swedish speaking Finns)

    I worked for some time at the Student Body for
       Åbo Akademi (swedish speaking univ. of Turku) and part
       time at a lawyer-firm befor moving on..

    with my family to the island of Aland between
        Finland and Sweden were I worked as a community
        lawyer and as a trainee at the court (for 4 1/2 years)
        and then we moved on again...

    to the hometown Karis where I became a banking
        lawyer at the cooperative OKO-bank and there I worked 
        from 1984 to 2005.

     after that it was time to start working for myself,
         and I started a one-man law-firm 
         (Juristbyrå Berndt Holmström)

The Family

    wife: Karola, Master of Sciences, working as a vocational
       teacher at VNY in Karis

    son: Mikael, works at the local newspaper  making

   daughter: Maria, will soon get a mastersdegree in history

    daughter: Minna, will soon graduate  in social subjects
       (YH Sydväst) (her facebook)

    dog: a miniature schnautzer named Bella


Extended family


    My brother Stefan, working in Nice,  France, at Nicox with his
        wife Susan, and their lovely children Fredrik, studying
        computer science and Marianne, studying to become a teacher

    Karolas mother, over 90 years old, living in a retirement care

    Karolas sister Kristina, working av the library of Turku

    Usually involved in our lives every summer is Karolas cousin
        Paula and her daughter Hannah from Canada and Paulas
        brother Lasse, also in Canada


I like to interact with people and is therfor involved in the local Lions-club and the local Red Cross branch.

I highly enjoy my work as a lawyer, because you can  help people - there is a person in need behind every case and paragraph!

I also like to play with the computer - nowadays I have moved on to a Macbook Pro. I hope to get some stability to my computerworld with the Mac!

Another hobby is genealogy, but I don´t have enough time for this right now.

With Karola we also like to  have homeparties and sell the beautiful products of LR-International.

Read more about me on my firms homepage and my CV!































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