Photo-gallery for the Holmström family


Brother Stefan and my family a long time ago in Strasburg

Karola and her sister Kristina, our family and Karols parents ten years ago when both were alive

Maria, a happy student/gradueted from high school

Berndts and Karolas parents about 10 years ago

Happy parents and Maria on graduation day

On a trip to the Åland-isles a long time ago, the Bomarsund castle

Lasse, Karolas cousin who is living in Canada

Paula, Karolas other cousin (Lasses sister) from Canada with her lovely daughter a long time ago

Minna and Hannah in their teens

we CAN have snow in southern Finland also....

even if the snow in the year 2007 was absent on Christmas...

Karolas parents in christmas year 2006, their last time together

Quality time at the restaurant with our daughter

Berndts parents at their 80 years birthday

Berndts new toy, a Grand Dink 250 cc scooter, Karola and Berndt driving

Mikael enjoying himself

Kristina, her boyfriend and Karola

Stefan and Maria

Minna and Mikael

the brothers

"all for your business"-group is meeting at my very nice office

dinner again..

Mikael and Minna

Beautiful girls in the family

Marianne, my brothers daughter and Maria and Minna

Fredrik, my brothers son with his sweetheart "B"

Another sweetheart (notice the slippery floor...)

Maria and her sweetheart Markus


The all famous brothers in Paris some time ago.. notice how the posé has changed during the years - the next pictures!


the famous brothers at a wine-fare in Nice

Micke and Minna

My new office


First day at work...


Susan and Stefan

Karolas mother at her 90 birthday

Karolas now deceased father (he was nearly 88 years old)

my father

my mother

Karolas mother

Karolas father

Marianne and Maria

at a picnic in the town of Åbo

in Nice...

Marianne, Maria and Marcus

Fredrik and Marianne

Micke at graduating day from highschool

Maria at graduating day (highschool)

Minna at graduating day (highschool)

Carl-Johan and Mikael

Kirsti, Karola, Kristina and Carl-Johan

Leo and Olla


Marianne and her sweetheart

My father Leo

Me and Minna

the brother once again

the girls..

Markus and Berndt

Kristinas friend

at a local folkfestival (Faces in Billnäs)

in Nice

the famous walk in Nice

Markus tells a fish story?

fredrick, marianne and minna


in Nice

My mothers parents and her brother and sisters

my and my brother some time ago

me and our dog

me and my brother

who would belive that is me? Look at that six-pack!







Last edited 5th of January 2008